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Model 100
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Medical Waste Lifter

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Model 350 (Combo European)
Model 100 Patented spring shock system gently operates the lower bar assembly and bottom latching system which virtually eliminates any possibility of cart damage.

Lower bar rotation insures above ground release of the cart and keeps complete control of the cart throughout the full 6-8 second dump cycle.
Fully adjustable top and bottom bar holders will fit all chassis heights and can accommodate both domestic style carts and most European style carts without bottom bars.

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Raised tipper in the full upright position will not make contact with packer sweep blade preventing any possibility of packed lifter damage.

Tipper provides a steep 50o dump angle that speeds the emptying of the cart contents, increasing operator productivity.

Hydraulic cylinder has an internally adjustable in-line flow control valve for ease of operation.

Rated weight lifting capacity of 400 pounds uses 2.1 gallon per minute flow.

Unit can be mounted on both rear and side loading trucks.

Designed with ten, hardened steel, shock resistant, self-aligning ball bushings that require very low lubrication maintenance, only three or four times per year.

Innovative hydraulic cylinder geometry uses a short 4-3/8 inch stroke which will reduce stress on the hardened 1-1/4 inch chrome cylinder rod, increasing life expectancy of the cylinder.

Unique “Break-Away” valve feature prevents tipper damage by allowing the lift cover to swing away from the frame assembly if the faceplate bottoms or interferes with uneven roadways.

Compact low profile design, 14x24x6.5 inches, requires less moving parts providing higher strength, increased durability, and mechanic friendly, cost efficient operation.

Designed with a welded steel 3/16 inch face plate, 1/2 inch main frame assembly, and ¾ inch internal reinforcement blocks that utilize short, easy to remove grade 8 bolts if repairs are ever required.

Built with aircraft grade aluminum sleeve components and zinc coated Nyloc nuts to reduce corrosion.

Adjustable bolt on mounting plate allows for ease of installation


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