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Model 100
Model 200
Model 350(Combo European)
Model 500
Model 450
Model 100 Dock
Medical Waste Lifter

Rear Load Cart Lifters

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Model 100 Model 200 Model 350
Model 100 Model 200 Model 350
Model 500
Model 500    

We have attached our product brochures illustrating The 3rd Man rear load cart tippers.  These simple designs have fewer moving parts when compared to most other cart lifters in the marketplace. 

The 3rd Man rear load cart tippers have become the tippers of choice for many in the waste removal industry because of their strength, durability, and cost efficient operation.  These rugged units offer many value added features and here are some examples:

Mechanic friendly with less moving parts reduces inventory and maintenance costs.
Cushioned hydraulic cylinder requires no lifting arms and has a 2 year warranty.

   Higher rated lifting capacity of 400 pounds is well above the industry standard.
   Designed with very low maintenance hardened steel self-aligning ball bushings.
   Patented spring operated lower bar assembly eliminates costly damage to carts.
  Adjustable mounting plate and bar assemblies allow for installation on any vehicle.
   Innovative hydraulic “Break Away” option helps prevent tipper faceplate damage.

Thanks again for your interest in our rear load cart tippers.  We are confident our tippers are the most cost-effective and money saving units available today.  Please contact us if you have any questions or need additional information.

We look forward to any opportunity to be of assistance.

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