Side Load Cart Tippers

Diamondback Products is proud to build the heaviest duty side load cart tipper in the waste industry.  Our cart lifters are mechanic friendly and have simple designs & fewer moving parts when compared to most other cart lifters in the marketplace. Our cushioned hydraulic cylinder requires no lifting arms and has a 2 year warranty. No other tipper is more reliable and simple to repair than Diamondback tippers.

The 3rd Man side load cart tippers have become the tippers of choice for many in the waste removal industry because of their strength, durability, and cost efficient operation. If you are looking for an extreme duty Side Load Cart Lifter, Diamonback 3rd Man Lifters will work as hard as you do!

Model 450 Side Load Cart Tippers

Diamondback 3rd Man 450 Side Loader Cart Tippers are engineered with fewer moving parts for longer life, easier maintenance, and to save you money on parts inventory. Simple is Better!


  • Eliminates Bottom Bar Cart Damage – Patented spring bottom bar latching system virtually eliminates bottom bar damage by providing shock absorption during dump cycle and also ensures above ground release.
  • High/Deep Dump – Cart lifter gives a high/deep throw into hopper allowing for speed of emptying carts. This also provides a deep enough dump for side load trucks used in dual stream recycling programs.
  • Heavy Duty Lifting and Drive Arms – 3/4” solid steel lifting and drive arms. This is the only side load cart lifter with adjustable arms that makes installation possible for most truck mounting heights.
  • Self-Aligning Ball Bushings – Made of hardened steel, shock and corrosion resistant, and require very low lubrication maintenance.
  • 26K Rotary Actuator – The largest actuator used in the lifter industry.  Actuator shaft is designed with splined ends and matching collar, not keyways, to provide increased life. Actuator produces 26K ft/lb of torque at 3000 psi.


  • Compatible with standard 60-95 gallon domestic style two bar carts.

  • Adjustable driver and guide arms can accommodate mounting heights from 43 to 55 inches.

  • Steep 45o dump angle speeds emptying of carts.

  • Maximum dump over height is 76 inches.

  • Two year limited warranty.


  • Innovative counterbalance-spring latching system gently operates the lower bar holder significantly reducing shock loading and any possibility of cart damage.

  • Driver and guide arms are 3/4“ steel.  Mounting plate is 1/2” steel.  Face plate is 3/8” steel.

  • Designed with durable, low maintenance, shock resistant, self-aligning ball bushings.

  • Utilizes less moving parts providing mechanic friendly, low cost operation.

  • Actuator shafts are designed with splined ends to provide increased life.

  • Bolt on mounting plate allows for easy installation.

  • Powder coated in safety orange.

View Model 450 Side Loader Cart Tipper Brochure